How To Light A Bathroom

A good rule of thumb is to provide lighting that does not create shadows or glare. Your light source in your bathroom should be an even spread of illumination. Eliminating shadows while in front of the mirror can be accomplished by a light source that is installed from above and from the sides. An efficient light source is quite important while applying make up, shaving, and grooming because lighting helps aid you visually so that you can look your best. In a bathroom space, general and task lighting techniques should be applied to help create optimal functionality. Accent lighting can also be integrated if you need more illumination.

What Is The Best Type Lighting For The Bathroom? Can I have recessed lights? Recessed lighting is also an option to help illuminate your bathroom, but it is suggested to not use over bearing lamps. If used, it is a good idea to use recessed lights with smaller apertures and softer light sources. And installing these in moderation might suit your bathroom at best. Remember an even spread of illumination is key in your bathroom. Usually recessed lights are convenient for enclosed bathtub spaces and over task counters.

Moisture Resistance Choosing lighting fixtures for your bathroom can be enjoyable, but it,s a good idea to know the specifications of the lighting fixture you purchase. The bathroom is an area in the home that has a high moisture content so keep in mind upon purchasing the lighting fixture that it will be able to withstand moisture and wetness.

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