Dark Skies Ordinance

Many cities across the United States have enacted what is popularly called a Dark Skies Ordinance. This ordinances requires that all outdoor lighting face downward to the ground. The ordinance is an effort to reduce lighting pollution and help urban dweller see the stars from their homes. The International Dark Sky Association, based in Tuscon, Arizona has helped pass this type of legislation. In Tuscon, astronomy is a popular pastime. There are opponents whom resent this type of legislation and the burden of cost it places on homeowners. But many can agree that light should logically face down to illuminate the earth and its inhabitants rather than the dark sky.

 A time-lapse view of stars streaking across the Phoenix desert with the city, itself, glowing at the horizon line. Outdoor fixtures could be just as important as interior fixtures. Not only will they highlight your front and back yard space, but they will let you enjoy these outside spaces to its fullest. Exterior fixtures also help provide general and task lighting even before you enter your home. Many times outdoor fixtures get more use than interior fixtures because they stay on over night. For this reason, it is encouraged that you use energy efficient fixtures. Often times, energy efficient fixtures have the stigma of being non-decorative and utilitarian, but the truth is that energy efficient outdoor lighting has come a long way. With the improvement of compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs), lighting manufacturers are now creating beautiful fixtures that are not only decorative but also conserve energy. When buying outdoor lighting fixtures look for the Energy Star logo, this will ensure that you are getting a higher quality of product.

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